Custom Applications

Windows is well renounced platform for desktop and server OS. Qrex’s custom application developers are experts with Microsoft .NET, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, & the mobile and web application technologies that you need to power your business applications. We’ve been delivering high quality custom application development services, custom software, mobile apps, and web applications to mid-market clients across many industries.

Qrex brings together consulting expertise in custom application development, data management, integration, and software advisory services to provide complete end-to-end digital solutions for your biggest business challenges.

Windows OS also allows easy portability of apps between smartphones, PCs and tablets. Thanks to the support of Microsoft, the platform is extremely capable of delivering high performance mobile apps. Windows phones are also preferred by many business users because of its neat integration with the Microsoft ecosystem which dominates business infrastructure setups.

Qrex understands the value of the Microsoft platform. We are well positioned to onboard you on the Windows platform. Our Windows mobile team has developed numerous applications for our customers which has generated tremendous business value for them.

Our Windows Development Services include:

  • Custom web and desktop applications
  • Custom phone and tablet app development
  • Azure development
  • App migration to Windows
  • Web and desktop application testing
  • Windows app testing

Our Windows development services team can deliver end-to-end solutions for your business. We follow an agile development process and deliver apps at speed. We are rigorous during the design, development and testing phases and pay close attention to each cycle. This makes sure that the end results are concurrent with your vision