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5G AN EMERGING TECHNOLOGY – The planned successor of the 4G network, “5G” is the fifth generation technology for cellular networks in telecommunication.

It is believed that 5G will be much smarter, faster, efficient and responsive than its counterpart, 4G. Many countries are in the race and are desiring to be the first one to deploy nationwide 5G networks. Although it is available in few parts of the world but has not become fully functional all over the world.

Let’s discuss in detail the striking differences between 5G and 4G.


5G is expected to be nearly 100 times faster than

4G. Rapid speed will reduce the time of doing the task drastically. Things which usually took minutes to download will be downloaded in seconds with 5G.


Latency can be defined as the delay which your friend experiences in receiving a message when you have texted them.
Latency is already low with 4G but with 5G it will be non-existent.


One really annoying and bugging thing is when you are trying to open a webpage but the lazy circle keeps on doing rounds on the screen and taking ages to open the desired webpage.

It mostly occurs when we are in a place with a bunch

of people and everyone is trying to use the network

in one place. This causes congestion of the network

infrastructure because it cannot cope up with such huge amounts of devices trying to connect.

5G will provide a free space to many devices so the traffic of users can be run peacefully. It has capacity for a large number of connected devices.

Another application of 5G will be their adoption in self driving cars. For autonomous car technology to become functional, we are first going to need a widespread 5G connection.

Although 5G is still in the phase of development and it may take few years for it to fully become functional, the wonders it will bring with it is still very exciting and intriguing to think. It will definitely change the look of the world.

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