Digital Marketing

Full Stack Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Lead generation strategies, including targeted marketing and advertising cappaigns across major social platforms
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Analytics to collect information about your digital footprint, measuring and interpreting all touchpoints and gaining critical insight and build traffic

Achieve Business Goals through
Conversion Rate Optimisation

Its easy enough to get potential customers to your website,
but with QREX at your side, you'll be converting those hits into sales.
From your website to your social media channels,
our digital marketing team optimises your plan
and strategies with your business goals in mind.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing strategy. With SEO, digital market has achieved a new leap in the business. It helps in generating and reaching more organic potential customers and increasing the traffic on your site by making it visible to the masses. All this will eventually uplift your business or website. But how to use this tool? QREX has the capability to optimize your site according to SEO, so that you and your site gets amazing benefits!

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Content Optimization
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User Experience
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Another effective and wonderful marketing strategy is SEM. Paid advertisements appearing on search engine result pages is the keystone for SEM. We at QREX will provide the opportunity to our users to bring forward their ads before the potential customers by using certain keywords that will make them more visible and help their business to grow in a powerful way.


Web Traffic


Brand Awareness


Targeted Audience



Social Media Advertising

Who doesn't use social media nowadays? That is where most of the population is! And it is also a great place to attract more audience. SMA is the most cost effective method to generate more web traffic and increasing your brand's publicity. It is the ultimate approach to promote one's brand, content and business by using them as your billboards to advertise and target specific audience. QREX is the perfect platform to give a kick start to your business and flourishing it.

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Web Analytics

We all have wished once in our life that we will somehow know what others think of us in their heads but life doesn't come with speech balloons. But worry not, you'll definitely get to know whether your website is doing fine or not. But HOW? Web analytics is the answer! Put this great tool in use with QREX and learn about the analytics of your website, visitor's views about your website. What they are more inclined towards, which pages users find more interesting, which sites were the leading cause to your site and much more!

web analytics

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