Frequently Asked Questions

Over and above their professional competences, each member of our team has a specialised area of expertise that has enabled them to establish a well-respected stature within their field. Where required, we will happily provide CVs for the consultant(s) who will work on your project.


  • Help define the scope of your project
  • Plan and manage the time schedule and resources
  • Define and analyze software, hardware and network requirements
  • Help purchase and implement new systems
  • Handle design, testing, installation and training processes

We arrange meeting, presentations and other documents for our client to help them choose among best options available. As a responsible company we can confidently say that we are one of most up to date company regarding the state of technology.

We take pride on providing after project delivery services as most of our client choose us for support and Maintenace services, although it is not necessary as our client can have inhouse team or hire third party to do the job