Support and Maintenance

Once your business' new software infrastructure is running and driving your processes ahead, we've still got you covered. QREX knows the importance of a great, relaible support team to build your team's confidence in using new technology.

Aftercase Support and Maintenance

For our existing clients, we offer our trusted support all the way. Our support team is available 24/7, should you need a helping hand in getting familiar with your new software or if any walkthroughs are required. With telephone support, live chat and website call logging, your team is allways supported.

24/7 Availability

Telephone Support

Live Chat

Outsourcing Availability

Even if the QREX team didn't install your digital infrastructure, we're still available to provide support and maintenance. Outsource your support to our expert team - we're ready to understand and improve your support requirements.


Expert Team

Once-off Support

If your system's got a few bugs or your business is in need of data migration services or website management, our expert support team is at hand. For any bug in your existing software system or to iron out any issues in your infrastructure, QREX support is available.

Bug Fixing

Data Migration

Website Management

To find out more about how we can provide solutions for your specific business requirements.


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