IoT Applications

Our IoT team focus on building powerful IoT applications that make interconnectivity possible and completely transform the mobile experience. We're already actively developing Internet of Things applications that redefine the interactions between people, their devices, and their surroundings. We are constantly pushing the limits, experimenting with IoT devices and delivering innovative Internet of Things applications that make ubiquitous connectivity possible and completely transform mobile experiences. And we’re always looking for partners who share the same vision.

IoT Consulting

Leverage the huge network of sensors and smart devices connected by cloud services and analytics using our expert IoT consulting services. We help businesses to analyze data, create an actionable IoT design, and implement robust plans. From idea validation, roadmap creation to the selection of IoT platform, we provide consultancy in hardware, software, and product enhancement.

We provide end-to-end IoT development services from hardware integration to custom IoT application development. Ensuring tailored-to-suit IoT Solutions that engagingly represent the true essence of your business.

IoT Architecture Development

Managing every element right from UI/UX to Architecture Designing that seamlessly connect their device.

IoT Module Development

Ensuring lasting performance through our Module Development services that promise enduring business experience.

IoT Testing

Providing rigorously & Bugs-free IoT Application Development Solutions that ensure the flawless experience.

Main principles that lead our process

  • Ensure the safe collection of data. The collection of information through special equipment (sensors, etc.) is carried out outside of the usual data transmission networks. Therefore, when developing a custom Internet of Things application, we think of ways to protect the received information (in particular, the integrity and security of the initial settings in such devices, and mechanisms for the sensitive data encryption).
  • Organize high-performance data streaming. As a rule, data collection systems consist of hundreds, even thousands of electronic devices. Therefore, for the efficient streaming of such large volumes of information, our developers select best independent mechanisms that are different from traditional packet transfers.
  • Choosing the best Internet of Things platform. The IoT platform is a set of software tools that collectively help to systematize, store and process data received from electronic devices. So, we help our clients choose among platforms like; Azure IoT Suite, Amazon Web Services, IBM Watson, Oracle IoT and SAP Leonardo
  • Develop an Internet of Things solution in the cloud. In order to guarantee the fast delivery of processed data to a user device, and also to organize centralized storage, we usually use cloud solutions. Such systems can ensure the efficient operation of the Internet of Things application with minimal operating costs and requirements for carrier networks.
  • Provide for effective data management. In-memory analysis and data processing systems are most often used by us. Such solutions ensure the rapid delivery of the processed results to the end user, even in the event of the data collection devices’ failure.