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By Maira Salman, 01/05/2020


By Sania Salman, 28/04/2020



ArtificiaI Intelligence, a vast discipline of study whose prime focus is developing such computer systems which can perform tasks and operations with human like capability and cognition.

AI has been in this world for quite some time but still not many people are fully aware of what it is and what are its primary goals. What most people think or assume that its some sort of a technology which will make such robots that are on a killing spree and will cause only destruction.But with time, many people are going to and are still accepting that its one of the revolutionary technology that can change the prospect of how we do our day to day tasks.

Its ubiquitous influence cannot be denied. In fact, as the different parts of the world are developing at their own pace in terms of technology , AI is quickly gaining significance and popularity in every field. From our mobile phones to workplaces to industries to educational institutions to healthcare systems everything has been optimized by Artificial Intelligence.

AI in different fields:

Since its a fast-paced world, the continuous and increasing challenge of achieving quick and accurate results leaves us with no other option but to digitalize and upgrade ourselves or our businesses according to AI.

Let’s take a look at some of the fields in which AI is making a difference.

Mobile phones now have special hardware, designed to conduct AI based tasks more efficiently. Every mobile app is AI optimized making them intelligent and well adaptable to the surroundings such as making decisions and learning from the data generated by the user.

AI in Workplaces

Due to the general perspective of the people about AI in workplaces and industries, many people feared that it is going to result in mass unemployment and ultimately machines will replace the workers. Although it’s true to some extent but it is till debatable. Because on one hand it’s going to replace manual work, it’s also going to create many job opportunities! AI in workplaces saves a lot of time and many and is a great way to solve complex problems and encourage creative skills in the workers.

With increasing technology, there will be an increasing demand of IT professionals, technologists and engineers to make them operational and updated. Also it is believed that any new technology always create more jobs than they destroy, for instance computers.

AI in Healthcare systems

With the assistance of AI there has been a revolution in the field of medicine and surgery. It has greatly simplified the lives of patients, doctors and healthcare professionals. There is a lot of potential for AI in healthcare due to its ability to assess vast data , predict outcomes, better disease management and survival rate.

With AI, there has been an evolution in the field of Pathology as well. PathAI is playing an integral role in making timely and better diagnosis with better management of the disease and early detection of the disease. In oncology , AI is helping with cancer imaging , development of effective therapies and with machine learning helping to organize the patients data. Not only cancer but diagnostic tests like ECG , CBC and radiology test are becoming better and more accurate with AI. With the Corona-virus pandemic, AI is also assisting in triage COVID patients.

So, there is no single speck of doubt left that AI has transformed the face of technology and not even that it is becoming more and more popular due to its application in mundane tasks. It is safe to say that the power and impact AI has on thus world is remarkable and very much positive. Its effectiveness is causing profound changes and they are most likely to increase in the future.