A Complete Restaurant Management System

This system will help simply and automate your current processes, enabling you to manage your staff resources more efficiently, as well as cutting cost.

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This system will assist you with the following tasks:-

Table Organization & Management

o  Optimizing seat distribution by wait-listing functionalities

o  Instantly tracking orders for better efficacy in kitchen and order management

o  Numerous reservation sheets for peak periods like Christmas and other events

o  Providing table mergers and partitions for big parties

Reservation Service & Management

o  On-the-fly facilities of modifying the reservations based on guest histories

o  Storing information about the guests including phone numbers

o  VIP pre-assessments and special seat allotment

o  Taking online reservations through website

Back-office Management

o  Order Processing

o  Advanced Cash Control

o  Corporate reporting

o  Labour Scheduling

o  Time & Attendance

Time-Crunched Solutions

o  Ordering quick meals on the go or from your table

o  Allowing quick orders by simplest GUI and minimum clicks


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